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Many people say they support Eco-Friendly efforts but "supporting" is NOT enough! a process, the used products are collected, reprocessed and then the recycled material is used again. The used products are NOT truly recycled until it is actually reused in some plastic water bottles being made into a t-shirt or a tote bag.

Many Recycling Centers can not sell the recycled materials to manufacturers because not enough products are being made from recycled materials and therein lies the problem. This unsold recycled material ends up being burnt or in landfills so all of the efforts of being ECO Friendly have been a BIG waste of time!

Supporting Eco-Friendly means buying Eco- Friendly...EnviroPromo offers thousands of options for buying Promotional Products made from recycled, organic and sustainable material. 

The products on this website are not always made with 100% recycled material but whatever the's a start. The environmental challenges that we face are tremendous...every positive thing we can do is a step closer to where we need to be.

Support Eco-Friendly By Buying Eco-Friendly!



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