About EnviroPromo - Recycled - Organic - Sustainable Giveaways


In a lot of ways, EnviroPromo is the same as any other distributor of promotional products...we’re here to sell you something. However, we’re different in that we only want to sell you something made from recycled, organic or sustainable material. The reason we are taking this approach...the environment is in jeopardy and all of the "little things" will add up in turning the situation around.

This website is not going to solve the environmental challenges that we all face but maybe it’s a start. In Economics 101, I learned the Law of Supply and Demand, the factories produce what is demanded of them. Today, so little of what is produced is made from recycled, organic or sustainable material and the only way that will change is if “we” demand more products be made from these eco-friendly materials.

The Environmental Movement began in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s as a number of events and catastrophes occurred in the world that brought attention to issues that effected our environment. Laws were enacted in protection of our air, water and the creatures that we coexist with, most of those laws remain in effect today. However, what is truly needed is being blocked by those that want the status quo to continue as they are personally benefiting by the current environmental practices. I can understand that self-preservation is a “natural” thing so let’s use that against them...Buy Eco-Friendly!!!

The more the economy demands goods that contain recycled materials or that are grown organically and sustainably...the more the environment will benefit. It is not in anyone’s best interest for a catastrophe to occur like those in the 60’s and 70’s before embracing better environmental practices . We all can vote with our dollars in demanding eco-friendly products....not just with promotional products. 

Personally, I don’t feel bad for human beings so much as we’re the ones creating this environmental catastrophe. I feel bad for all of the other creatures of this earth that are paying the price of man’s self-serving actions. Lets save all levels of life on our planet by embracing practices that benefit the environment.

The future is one second away, what will you do?



Ron Berich