Recycled Cotton - Why Not?

  • May 19, 2019

Our attempts to identify products made from recycled cotton within the Promotional Products Industry were not overly successful. If you consider the millions of products that ARE available in this industry very few are made with recycled cotton. So, we did little research on the subject which led us to simple fact that recycled cotton fibers are inferior to raw cotton!

There are some efforts being made to use the recycled fibers in the manufacture of apparel however the problem is NOW! Growing cotton requires extreme amounts of pesticides, manufacturing the clothing creates enormous amount of water and air pollution and most of the discarded apparel being added to our landfills each year.

Let's face it though..."big business" only thinks with their bottom line in mind and the federal government is right there with them so the only way to effect change is with our power...ECONOMIC POWER!

Need a tote bag for an event...demand a tote bag made from recycled cotton. The greater the demand...the quicker the recycled cotton situation will be solved.

 BTW...the tote bag in the image above...100% 10 Oz. Recycled Cotton Canvas Bag.

Support Eco-Friendly By Buying Eco-Friendly 


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