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Waterway Cleaning Machines

India is cleaning their rivers and lakes with machines they refer to as "Underwater Lawn Mowers". This is certainly a step forward although more debris is being added to those waterways every what's the point?

In the video, you see a lot of vegetation in the water possibly caused by human contamination in the form of sewerage, chemical dumping from factories and "run off" from farms containing fertilizers and pesticides.There's also all kinds of debris...floating downstream from sometimes a thousand miles away!

Like everywhere else...the first step in cleaning our waterways is to stop polluting them in first place. People have been dumping their trash in the rivers for years thinking that it would float downstream and out of mind. These rivers have become so clogged, the trash isn't floating anywhere...thereby becoming the local "dump". 

 Let's take responsibility for our waterways...if not, the beauty is lost!

Waterway Cleaning Machines

Beach Trash Pick-Ups


Initiatives like this are an excellent way for like minded people to help in their communities. So much washes up on the beaches each and every day...before you know it, the beach looks like a landfill!

Five Minute Beach Pick-Up

The trash needs to be picked up but we need to look at why all of this trash ends up in our waters to begin with. Every community needs to take responsibility for looking at this...every community is polluting the earths waters one way or another.  




Beach Trash Pick-Ups

Green Wave Emerges In Europe


Maybe there's hope yet!


"This is a Sunday for Future"


The percentages are small but it's a start...people don't like change, especially the older you get. Maybe the older people will give up their memories that endears them to the past and embrace what is best for their grandchildren and great grandchildren.

This is why EnviroPromo was shine light on what is possible! More recycled, organic and sustainable products in the economy.

Let's get the Green Wave going in the USA! 


Green Wave Emerges In Europe